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In 2019, overland enthusiasts Matthew and Caley Brueck began overlanding full time in the US. Both were comfortable with the direction life was going but felt their hobby was missing a purpose. With convincing from friends, the two dove into creating the ROAM4LO brand. At the time, there was no real direction, but they wanted the brand to inspire others to travel. Since then, ROAM4LO has expanded to a full team, clocking thousands of miles on the trails each year. Each member of the ROAM4LO team strives to educate and inspire adventure seekers around the world. We hope you will join us and our sponsors as we push the limits of adventure travel across North America and beyond.

Giving Back

 Giving back to the overlanding community and the lands we use has been a top priority for ROAM4LO since its creation. To support the overlanding and off-roading community we love so much, ROAM4LO hosts guided rides of all sizes around the US. While some large rides across the country have a registration fee, ROAM4LO also hosts complimentary educational rides around the Southeast. It is these exact rides that have inspired so many to get into the adventure lifestyle—some have even jumped in full time! For those looking to tackle big trips but don't want to do so alone, ROAM4LO hosts multi-day long-distance trips to locations such as Moab, Utah, and Ouray, Colorado.

Without open trails, ROAM4LO would not exist. ROAM4LO strives to keep our trails open by hosting clean-up rides around the Southeast and beyond. In the first year alone, ROAM4LO and volunteers removed over 3,000 lbs. of trash from our trails. ROAM4LO is currently working on a program to assist organizations in finding help for clean-up rides and trail repairs.

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